2021 Toyota Venza Hybrid Owner's Manual

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2021 Toyota Venza Hybrid Owner's Manual

The Toyota Venza is based on the Camry platform and is assembled in the United States at the TMMK plant in Georgetown. The technical part of the car was worked on by the engineers of the Special Center of the company, located in Michigan, and the design was developed by Toyota Calty studio in California.

A unique design from California’s Calty design studio. Inspired by the similarities to the Land Cruiser in body design, the rear fender transitions originally into the lights and bumper. The Toyota Venza presents a mix of SUV, minivan, and even coupe. Toyota engineers call this car a “crossover sedan,” because it successfully combines the functionality of a sports car and the unique features of a sedan.

The exterior of the Toyota Venza is conceived to achieve good aerodynamics, which will help improve fuel economy by reducing wind resistance. Modest fuel consumption is a key advantage of the car. There is no aggression and pronounced sporty accents in the Toyota’s exterior. It is quite neutral, despite the presence of a spoiler on the roof and huge wheels.

The spacious interior of Toyota Venza is designed for five passengers and is distinguished by original asymmetric central console. Behind the second row of seats there is enough space for a variety of luggage. The rear seats can recline fourteen degrees and fold down in the ratio of 60/40. This allows expanding interior space for luggage, for example, necessary items for camping, a pair of skis or surfboard.

The car is equipped with all kinds of safety systems, because there are seven airbags, including knee airbags for the driver, plus Toyota Venza has a branded comprehensive active safety system called Toyota Star Safety (VSC stabilization system, ABS and Traction Control System TRAC).

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