2021 Toyota Yaris Owner's Manual

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2021 Toyota Yaris Owner's Manual

When Toyota presented the restyled version of the second-generation Yaris in the spring of 2014, there was talk that the hatchback would only be a five-door, however, six months later, the Japanese dispelled these rumors and showed the world a three-door version. However, it is not offered in all markets.

Externally, three-door version Yaris from five-door differs a little, except, of course, a profile where a hatchback has two less flaps. In addition, engineers slightly lengthened the front doors, so that the second row of seats was more convenient to get. Otherwise, including dimensions, wheelbase length and so on, the hatchbacks are completely identical.

If you compare the interior of this version of three-door Toyota Yaris with a restyled one, visually it has not changed much, except for the central console. However, if to believe engineers, invisible to an eye changes are much more important. Although the size of the cabin has not changed it is a little bit better insulated from outside noise and trimmed with more quality materials. In addition, the choice of color schemes has been expanded, allowing to make the interior brighter.

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