2022 Ford Puma Owner's Manual

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2022 Ford Puma Owner's Manual

But the engine is only one of the units that allow this Puma to wear the “ST” nameplate. The crossover will have better drivability due to torsionally stiffer rear beam, rear springs with a special coil (more effective in handling side loads), Hitachi (twin-tube) shock struts around the circumference. As an option, it is possible to get a front differential with mechanical locking. In addition, the gear ratio of the steering mechanism was reduced, brakes were increased (325 mm rotors in front and 271 mm behind), and the basic tires for the crossover are Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.

You can distinguish the “charged” version of the Puma ST from the basic version thanks to a more aggressive bodykit with expanded air intake areas in front, a splitter and diffuser behind, arches without plastic pads, a spoiler on the roof, and “ST” badges in red. The 19-size wheels and two exhaust pipes (with adjustable bypass valve) complete the sporty look of the model.

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