2022 Kia Optima (incl. Hybrid) Owner's Manual

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2022 Kia Optima (incl. Hybrid) Owner's Manual

But to distinguish restyled model from its predecessor in the interior would be up to the “chosen few”, in fact, except for slightly modified steering wheel and stuffing of the multimedia system, in fact, nothing has changed. Another significant improvement is that Optima has learned to keep the lane and monitor the driver’s fatigue.

Under the hood changes are more than in the interior. Now, besides 2-liter atmospheric engine (163 hp 196 Nm) a 1.6 gasoline turbo engine with 180 hp and 265 Nm capacity is available in European range. The top-of-the-line 2-liter gasoline engine remains in line, but its drive is slightly diminished – 238 powers instead of 245 as before. But the most important innovation is a new 1.6-liter diesel engine of the U3 series, which replaces the more environmentally friendly 1.7 CRDi (U2). However, for the sake of ecology, the new motor is weaker – 136 horsepower and 320 torque, while its predecessor could boast 141 hp and 340 Nm. Depending on the chosen engine, the car can be equipped with the following gearboxes: 6-speed manual, a classic “automatic” with the same number of gears or a 7-speed branded “robot” DCT with two clutches.

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