2022 Toyota Avalon Owner's Manual

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2022 Toyota Avalon Owner's Manual

The Toyota Avalon is a front-wheel-drive E-class sedan designed and manufactured in the United States. Facelift of the fourth generation of the model. The car was first unveiled in February 2015 at the Chicago Auto Show.

The restyled Avalon differs from its predecessor in significant changes in appearance: the long base of the grille trapeze is now at the bottom, its slats got double bend; the design of the front bumper was revised, and the front fog lights turned into almost vertical narrow strips. The design of the front lights was also changed due to the different optics. The differences at the rear are subtle: there is a thin chrome stripe on the black insert at the bottom of the bumper. A “profile” of the car reminds about facelift only with the changed style of disks.

There are no external changes inside the cabin. The original central console, which “flows out” of the steering column, is almost a continuous working plane with two screens (the upper – 7-inch touch screen – multimedia system, the bottom – is responsible for the control “climate”) and an ordered scattering of touch buttons with two analog “knobs”. Under it there is a niche, where you can charge your phone with the induction charger. Behind the multicool there are two classic scales in wells. As for materials, the Avalon has leather upholstery, imitation wood and aluminum inserts in all configurations.

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