2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Owner's Manual

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2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Owner's Manual

Toyota Highlander Hybrid is a hybrid modification of the K3-class SUV. The world premiere of the second generation of the model took place at the auto show in Chicago in April 2007. In August 2010 in Canada, the Japanese company has presented a restyled version of the SUV.

Creators of Toyota Highlander Hybrid had to solve many problems to meet the requirements of fans of the brand, which are interested not only in attractive design, comfort and permeability SUV, but also its relative environmental friendliness. And, we should say, the designers and engineers have worked perfectly, having built the car, consistent with the spirit of the time.

From a technical point of view Highlander Hybrid strongly resembles other popular models of the Japanese brand. It is based on a platform with McPherson struts mounted on subframes. In front the lower arm is cast whereas behind the rack is supported by two separate transversal “bones” and a longitudinal arm. But instead of the hydraulic booster the engineers installed electric booster, working in conjunction with a stabilization system. In urgent situations the resistance on a steering wheel changes, so the driver understands better how to act during drifting or skidding.

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