2022 Volkswagen Up! Owner's Manual

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2022 Volkswagen Up! Owner's Manual

The Volkswagen e-up! is a front-drive, five-door Class A electric car. The restyling of the first generation model, which followed changes to the “simple” model up! The car made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017.

Externally, an insert of bright blue color that connects the headlights and the brand’s nameplate will help distinguish the electric up! from a car with an internal combustion engine. Another distinguishing feature is the diode daytime running lights, decorated with brackets, while the car with an internal combustion engine has these brackets as a simple plastic decoration. At the back the only difference (except the absence of the exhaust pipe) is a bright blue insert on the trunk lid instead of chrome. Of course, the body has several badges “e-up”.

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