2023 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Owner's Manual

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2023 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Owner's Manual

The first thing that catches the eye when “getting to know” the vehicle BMW 2 2023 is the interior display, which is now slightly curved. This innovation can be satisfied not only with the owners of premium configuration, but also connoisseurs of the standard variation of the car. In addition, fans of the German car company can not but be pleased with the iDrive 8.

The digital panel also has almost twelve and a half inches, and the screen size of the infotainment system now reaches 14.9 inches. The climate control buttons, which used to be under the central ventilation openings, have successfully “moved” to the sensor screen. With the only material buttons the passenger and driver will be able to adjust the settings of the stereo system. Modernizing the interior, the developers mildly hint at competition with their other “brainchild”, the model M2.

The familiar handle that helps to change gear will “sink into oblivion,” and in its place will be a lever in the style of minimalism. BMW 2 2023 will have a new kitting called 218i, which attracts attention with a petrol engine with a cubic capacity of two liters and output of 156 “horses”. The car will be able to accelerate up to a hundred kilometers without any problems in 8.7 seconds.

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