2023 BMW 3 Owner's Manual

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2023 BMW 3 Owner's Manual

Every year, developers of popular cars find it harder and harder to surprise motorists, but the BMW 3 always copes with such a difficult task, and 2023 was no exception. Serious changes to the exterior, for example, made the vehicle most expressive. Very prominent, for example, “oblique” headlights, lights shaped like gems from the fantasy world, and, of course, a different shape of the radiator grille along with an enlarged air intake. In addition to all of the above, customers will be waiting for the new size of wheel disks, namely – 19 and 18 inches.
As for the interior, it was decided to redesign the front panel. What a coincidence, isn’t it? The multimedia system display and the virtual dashboard will become a single unit. If the changes of the exterior and interior seem not enough, do not forget that this sedan will have an electronic version for the first time.

The last, but no less important quality of the BMW 3 2023 is its technical component. What is known about it? It will retain a wide choice of engines. Both turbodiesels and turbo petrol engines will be available to the owner. The most powerful of them will be the first ones, because they are able to give out 387 horsepower.

The familiar handle that helps to change gear will “sink into oblivion,” and in its place will be a lever in the style of minimalism. BMW 2 2023 will have a new kitting called 218i, which attracts attention with a petrol engine with a cubic capacity of two liters and output of 156 “horses”. The car will be able to accelerate up to a hundred kilometers without any problems in 8.7 seconds.

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