2023 BMW 4 Owner's Manual

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2023 BMW 4 Owner's Manual

Observing the modernization of the car models BMW 2 and BMW 3, we can safely assume that the developers will not leave the BMW 4 2023 without innovations. It will please the customer’s eye with new technical characteristics, as well as with an improved exterior.

From the field of view of attentive motorists can not hide the similarity with the BMW 3: here you have a simpler grille, and the same slanted headlights, except that pointed to the beginning. It is worth mentioning that the same details are not always bad, because the front of the vehicle will not create an “aggressive” impression of itself from now on. Besides, it is not without significant differences. The BMW 3 has no coupe body, which has been taken over by the BMW 4.

Passengers in the cabin will be waiting for the already known iDrive 8 system and huge multimedia screens (12.3 inches) and dashboard (14.9 inches). These two usefulnesses will be connected by a not inconsiderable curved screen.
The driver will be able to control it with the latest operating system. Its menu will rather resemble the menu of your phone than the car. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we can forget about the changes in terms of technical “stuffing” for now, because the update was designed only for the design of the appearance, and, of course, for the interior.

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