2023 BMW 8 Owner's Manual

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2023 BMW 8 Owner's Manual

The BMW 8 first saw the light of day back in the 90s and is still one of the most popular cars of the German company among car enthusiasts. What has changed over thirty-three years? Firstly, memorable and bright exterior, created by caring hands of developers, wins more and more hearts. The front bumper, as if sculpted by a sculptor, will now have a large splitter. Due to this, the vehicle has additional downforce. The classic grille, made in the form of two equal parts and trimmed with chrome, looks charming from any side. The profile stands out advantageously among competitors due to the “meaty” wheel arches, under them there are also light alloy wheel disks with a volume of twenty inches.
Carbon inserts and polished metal and leather are the dominant materials in the interior of the BMW 8 2023. The seats have extensive side support, thereby reminding us that we are still in front of a sports car. The driver and passengers can adjust the seats electrically. The seats will please any customer due to ventilation, heating and even massage (in the luxury version). The two-color upholstery creates an impression of wealth and luxury.

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