2023 BMW X3 Owner's Manual

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2023 BMW X3 Owner's Manual

This spring, car enthusiasts first saw photos of the future BMW X3 2023. It should be noted that its exterior is something completely new even for a sophisticated viewer. The wide radiator grille will get a luminous frame and slats of horizontal shape. The narrowed radical shape will get a light group, and the body (especially its side part) challenges the competitors with its rigid design.

The crossover clearly has a sporty temperament, which is subtly baked into the curved lines of the windows and the sharp shape of the wheel hubs. Rear headlights remind a lightning bolt by its form, and, as if it is not enough, the developers have supplemented it with stunning visual effects. Alas, there is no information about the size of the BMW X3 2023 yet.

In the interior of the vehicle, passengers will find a pop-up dashboard and a central control screen. For the technical part of the car, in addition to the 2.0T engine will be responsible for another 3.0T engine. There is also a hybrid system, a peculiar chip of the BMW X3. If we compare the BMW X3 2023 and its predecessor, we can conclude that the first is more three-dimensional. The car impresses with its mechanical shape, at the expense of bold lights at the back and hard lines.

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