2023 Cadillac Lyric Owner's Manual

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2023 Cadillac Lyric Owner's Manual

Cadillac Lyriq is a rear- or all-wheel-drive premium crossover of the full-size segment and, at the same time, the first all-electric production car in the history of the American automaker. In the very Cadillac’e this electric SUV is called nothing less than “the culmination of a century of innovation and the beginning of a new era for the company … For the first time as the eponymous concept electric crossover appeared before the general public in early August 2020 during a virtual presentation, and then the Americans claimed that the production version will repeat the prototype by 85 percent. And we should say – they were not deceived, as on the way to the conveyor electric car has not changed (of course, except for some simplifications), and its final version made its debut in April 2021 on the podium of the Shanghai International Motor Show.

Outside Cadillac Lyriq immediately attracts the eye with spectacular, futuristic and extraordinary, but at the same time really beautiful and balanced appearance. Expressive front end of the electric car “flaunts” ultra-thin optics, the original radiator grille almost the entire width of the body with integrated LED lighting and bumper relief, and its spectacular stern demonstrates the expressive angular lights, climbing on the roof pillars, with additional vertical sections from below and sculpted luggage door.

Cadillac has unveiled its first electric car – the Lyriq crossover. Note that the concept version of this model was shown back in the summer of the twentieth, and on the way to the production car has not changed. Outside the electric all-terrain vehicle has a stylish plug instead of a grille, and narrow strips of headlights and lights, although the commercial model has slightly wider optics than the mentioned prototype. Cadillac Lyriq Cadillac range In this car still has a solid streamlined body with “recessed” door handles, although the developers abandoned the side cameras in favor of traditional mirrors. Depending on a complete set, the car may have wheels with diameter from 20 to 22 inches. Compared to the concept, there are more buttons and knobs in the interior, but the main feature is the same as in the concept. We are talking about a single 33.0-inch display on the front panel, which here acts as an instrument panel, and entertainment system. This monitor is slightly curved and boasts the widest color gamut (1 billion colors).

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