2023 Ford Maverick Owner's Manual

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2023 Ford Maverick Owner's Manual

The 2022 Ford Maverick is an all-new compact 4-door hybrid pickup in the K1 class. The car can become the first vehicle for those who are just starting to learn car models, and is also designed for active young people who lead an active way of life.
Among the changes, the bumper, which protrudes as much as possible, attracts the eye. The car is made on the C2 platform.
The car is equipped with the maximum number of niches, pockets, sockets and loops for fixing partitions. The main advantage of the interior was practicality and economical use of space. You can place things in the openings under the armrests on the doors or under the rear row of seats.
The console features an instrument panel with analog gauges. Comfort is provided by the multi steering wheel with mechanical buttons, dual-zone or single-zone climate control. The gearbox control is provided in the form of a washer.

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