2023 GMC Acadia Owner's Manual

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2023 GMC Acadia Owner's Manual

GMC Acadia (GMC Acadia) is a K3-class SUV with front- or all-wheel drive. The restyled version of the second-generation model debuted in February 2019.

The planned restyling turned out to be quite significant for the Acadia, as in addition to the changed appearance, richer equipment and even a new modification, the car also received a number of important technical innovations. But first things first.

Exterior. The redesigned front end received a different grille, new LED headlights and redesigned bumper. From the stern, the shape of the taillights was slightly changed, which resulted in the expansion of the chrome lintel on the trunk lid. In general, thanks to such changes the car began to look more monumental, solid and strict. But we can not keep silent about the “off-road” version AT4, the feature of which is the presence of black decor, as well as increased ground clearance, off-road tires and a more advanced four-wheel drive system with two clutches GKN: the first is responsible for connecting the rear axle, the second – for blocking the rear differential.

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