2023 Honda Odyssey Owner's Manual

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2023 Honda Odyssey Owner's Manual

Honda Odyssey is a car that belongs to the class of minivans. Five generations have been presented. The exterior of the new model does not differ much from its predecessor. The front part is decorated with a massive grille. Headlights are slanted with a strip of LED lamps.

Dimensions are slightly increased both in length and width. This increase is due to the increased wheelbase. There is a multifunction 4-spoke steering wheel in the cabin. The interior is decorated with wooden inserts. Many different niches for storing small items. The control unit of the climate system is a sensor. Available in 7-seat or 8-seat versions.

The power plant is represented by 2 engines. The first one has a capacity of 2 liters, combined with an electric motor, and is able to generate 145 horsepower. At the same time, its consumption is lower than modern diesels and is 3.8 liters. The second motor is 2,4 liters in volume, but with different capacity of 175, 185 and 190 horsepowers. The first one works with an automatic gearbox with 7 steps. For the second one a stepless variator is supposed. The price for the new model, depending on a complete set, will vary from 20 to 35 thousand dollars.

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