2023 Kia EV6 Owner's Manual

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2023 Kia EV6 Owner's Manual

The KIA EV6 is a rear- or all-wheel drive electric crossover of the “K2” class. The first generation of the model. The car was officially unveiled on March 30, 2021.

The Kia EV6 crossover is the first branded car built on a fully electric Electric-Global Modular Platform (which, by the way, it shares with the previously released Hyundai IONIQ 5). Hence not only the non-standard by the standards of the brand dimensions – a large 2900-millimeter wheelbase with a total length of 4680 mm, but also a number of progressive technological solutions relating to the power electronics.

The battery can be charged using the 800-volt network: the electric car is capable of taking up to 350 kWh. And this means that up to 80% of the battery (regardless of its capacity) can be charged in this case for 18 minutes, while for a run of 100 km 4.5 minutes is enough. But also 400-volt network electric car supports, as well as charging from more conventional sources of alternating current.

The same options for power plants in the presence of five. With less high-capacity battery – 58-kilowatt – you can get a mono version (one electric motor on the rear axle, 170 hp and 350 Nm), and four-wheel drive (one electric motor for each axis, the total payoff – 235 hp and 605 Nm). With a battery of higher capacity – 77.4-kilowatt – the situation is the same: both all-wheel drive version (228 hp and 350 Nm), and all-wheel drive version (325 hp, 605 Nm) are available.

The longest “range” among these versions is the single-wheel drive 77.4 kW, it can overcome on a single charge up to 510 km (the cycle WLTP). All-wheel drive with the same battery is the most dynamic: acceleration to the first 100 km/h takes 5.2 seconds.

At the top of the range is the GT version. Equipped with the same 74-kilowatt traction battery, it has two engines with a combined 585 hp and 740 Nm of torque. Which allows this Kia to break the first “hundred” in 3.5 seconds and reach 260 km/h. In addition, the GT offers a locking rear differential with electronically controlled throttle.

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