2023 Kia Sorento Owner's Manual

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2023 Kia Sorento Owner's Manual

The KIA Sorento is a front- or all-wheel drive crossover of the “K2” class. The fourth generation of the model. The premiere presentation of the model took place in the form of a Facebook stream on the official page of the brand on March 19, 2020.

For the fourth generation Sorento was used platform N3, the differences of which are more compact compartment of the power plant, lengthened wheelbase and shortened front and rear overhangs. While the car itself gained only 10 mm in length (4810 mm), the distance between the axles grew by 35 mm. Preserving the recognizable silhouette, Sorento got sharper, angular shape of the body panels, as well as a slightly more noble “profile” (due to the elongated hood and moved back by 30 mm of the front pillars).

The car stands out most of all due to the redesigned optics: aggressive narrow in front (forming visually the same with the grille) and a massive vertical behind. LEDs are installed both at the front and behind, the LED lights on the lower contour of the front lights are also diode.

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