2023 Mazda 6 Owner's Manual

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2023 Mazda 6 Owner's Manual

Mazda 6 Sedan is a front-wheel drive sedan of class “D”. The second restyling of the third generation of the model. The car was presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2017.

For Mazda, this restyling means not only another exterior change to maintain interest in the 6, but also an attempt to position the sedan in a higher status. This is evident both in the exterior of the model, and (especially) in the interior of the car. With regard to appearance, you can distinguish the restyled model from the previous one by an expanded grille with modified design (instead of horizontal bars – small cells), different chrome inserts, which now flank the headlamp (narrowed compared to the previous model) from below, and design of the front bumper, which got more pronounced plastic and horizontal chrome stripes, but lost the fog lights. Changes in the design of the “stern” are also noticeable: the optics received a different pattern, the chrome crossbar is now included in the body of the headlights, and the rear bumper has lost its black insert, that is now completely painted in body color.

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