2023 Nissan Titan Owner's Manual

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2023 Nissan Titan Owner's Manual

The Nissan Titan Crew Cab is a rear- or all-wheel drive “K4” class pickup truck with a four-door cab. The second generation of the model. The world presentation of the car took place in January 2015 at the North American International Auto Show.

Nissan conquers the huge North American market of pickups with the Titan model, and therefore the approach to the promotion is appropriate to the market demands: a lot of versions and modifications. But the most spacious and therefore the most expensive version (all five options are available for it) of the pickup is the Crew Cab, which features four doors and a spacious rear sofa, designed for three passengers.

The Titan Crew Cab is offered in two versions: The “base” version and the Titan XD version. They differ significantly in size and payload (due to the different chassis). With the same width pickups length of light version is 5791 mm and wheelbase is 3531 mm, while the heavy version is 6147 mm length and 3835 mm wheelbase. Accordingly, the length of the loading area is different: 1700 mm versus almost two meters. Maximum load for the light version (all-wheel drive, gasoline engine) is 730 kg vs. 1143 kg for Titan XD with the same engine and transmission configuration.

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