2023 Toyota Supra Owner's Manual

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2023 Toyota Supra Owner's Manual

Toyota GR Supra is a rear-drive “G1” class coupe. The fifth generation of the iconic Japanese sports coupe with the index A90. Public demonstration of the model took place during the Detroit Auto Show in January 2019.

The fifth generation of the Toyota Supra (A90) is a remodeled copy of the BMW Z4 (G29). The legendary Japanese car borrowed from the Bavarians the platform (CLAR – McPherson struts and multilever system with ideal 50:50 weight distribution), in-line turbo engines (2.0 B48 and 3.0 B58) and even a gearbox (8 automatic transmission from ZF). The Supra has only its own design. In addition, in the markets in Europe and America car is sold under the name GR Supra, and only in Japan and Russia Coupe managed to keep the original name Supra.

Toyota designers tried very hard to make a coupe not similar to the German roadster. And they succeeded. Moreover, in an image of Japanese car you can even consider a certain continuity of generations. But especially attentive people will notice common with BMW nuances. Especially it concerns location and slope of a windshield, door apertures and a line of a hood. And the door handles and side mirrors are identical. As for the dimensions: the wheelbase is identical – 2470mm, but due to the presence of the diffuser in the rear bumper Supra, it was slightly longer than Z4 (4378 / 4324 mm), but it is already – 1853 mm vs. 1864 mm in BMW.

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