2023 Toyota Yaris Cross Owner's Manual

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2023 Toyota Yaris Cross Owner's Manual

2023 Toyota Yaris Cross is a compact five-door crossover with hybrid powertrain from the Japanese manufacturer. Compared to the Toyota Yaris, the model features larger dimensions, increased ground clearance, and all-wheel drive.

The SUV is 24 cm longer and 9 cm higher. The hatchback is 30 mm behind the novelty in ground clearance.

Simple LED headlamps and daytime running lights look laconic in the exterior. The customer can choose between a single-color body or a two-color design. The wheel arches and doors have received protective plastic pads, which hints at the kinship with the RAV4.

The novelty features a higher seating position behind the steering wheel, a rather spacious interior. Changes have occurred in the configuration of the pillars, as well as the multimedia screen on the center console. The front console is made in the form of two steps, which smoothly descend to the gear shifter. The location of the information screen allows the driver not to be distracted from the road, at the same time receiving data on the operation of the machine systems.

The front seats are quite spacious, but the passengers on the back row are a bit cramped. The luggage compartment can be increased up to 1083 liters by folding the rear row of seats.

The top-of-the-line options received the Toyota Smart Cargo system.

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