Cadillac Sts Owner's Manuals

This car was produced from 2004 to 2011. It is a medium-sized executive sedan. It was produced with a 4-door sedan body type. Its successor is the Cadillac XTC.
The design of the model is slightly different from the manufacturer’s typical design. The lines have become softer, with smooth transitions. But still the traditional style is preserved. So the LED headlights are vertical, the radiator grille in the corporate style. There is enough space in the car, and three people can feel comfortably in the back. The new restyled models have two types of engines. The first is 3.6 liters in volume, with a generated power of 306 horsepower. The second is 4.6 liters, producing 325 horsepower. There is almost no difference in terms of dynamics, but the second motor consumes 4 liters less gasoline. There was also in America a sport modification STS-V, which generated 476 horsepower. At that time it was the most powerful engine in American cars. Also, the STS has a good suspension, which allows it not to slow down on bad stretches of road – this sets it apart from other cars in this segment. In the interior, the seats are lined with leather, which is highly durable. There are decorative elements made of aluminum and wood. There are also intelligent control systems, DVD, navigation system, color display, separate climate control. As for similar models and competitors, they are Audi A8 D3, Infiniti M, Jaguar S-Type.