Dodge Nitro Owner's Manuals

The Nitro is a five-door compact crossover, which belongs to the K-2 class. The aggressive and impregnable design makes the car recognizable.
The exterior is characterized by straight angles and lines. The powerful square front end and massive wheel arches make the overall appearance imposing. The windshield is somewhat moved back, and small windows visually increase the parameters of the car. The massive main lights are connected to the turn signals and daytime running lights.
The concept of massive and powerful supports the presence of the footrest.
Inside the car, the manufacturer has used natural leather for the seats and plastic overlays. The designers have chosen a perfect combination of forms and colors in the interior of the car.
To the internal stuffing added an overhead LCD, multimedia system with a built-in hard drive, navigation system and USB input.
The interior is designed for five seats. But in fact, there is much more space inside. The rear seats are tilt-adjustable.
The Nitro was based on the Jeep Cherokee mobile platform. Under the hood of the car were installed six-cylinder engines with a capacity of 3.7 or 4 liters, which worked in conjunction with a 4-speed or 5-speed automatic transmission, respectively. The maximum capacity of the trunk when the rear row of seats is folded down is almost 2,000 liters.