Dodge Viper Owner's Manuals

The Viper is a sports car with a coupe body. The car is created specially for those who dream to feel at the steering wheel of a racing car and to learn to tame an unrestrained temper. It has both a rigid suspension and an engine that produces high revolutions.
In 2008, manufacturers introduced a new model, which was called the new generation car. It was announced changes to the suspension, a more powerful power unit.
The model line has a closed coupe body, which was not available before. The exterior changes include air intakes in the form of scales on the surface of the hood. Voluminous rear fenders and lifted up rear end gives the car a look of liveliness and promises to drive with a breeze. The trunk’s volume has increased.
The roof of the car is quite low. The manufacturers have provided special recesses to keep the tops of sports car enthusiasts intact.
Inside, the car has a high center tunnel, an understated trim design and a fairly compact pedal assembly. The servo drive gives the possibility to adjust the length.
In 2001, the third generation car was presented. The car retained many characteristics of its predecessors. Under the hood of the car is a real beast – V-shaped engine with 10 cylinders and engine volume of 8.3 liters. The engine is made of aluminum, which allowed to lighten the car and make it possible to accelerate to 100 km/h already in 3.9 seconds.
In 2005, a modification of the Viper with 1000 “horses” under the hood was introduced. The maximum speed was 410 km/h.
The Viper is a car that is impossible to forget, not only because of its unbridled power and extreme speed, but also because of its minimal trim level and almost total lack of safety systems.