Ford C-Max Owner's Manuals

The C-max is a relatively new line at Ford. Engineers have developed a body designed for family trips. The first car rolled off the assembly line in 2003. It is built on the C1 platform, like the Focus. The car is really roomy, but designed for 5 seats. The interior is large due to the engine compartment. The first generation received 1.8; 2.0-liter engines for the atmospheric engines and 2 diesel engines with a capacity of 1.6 and 2 liters. The standard package is already equipped with air conditioning and optional automatic transmission. The car was produced until 2010.
The 2nd generation was produced for 9 years, it had two body styles – an ordinary minivan and an extended version of the Grand C-Max, in which the rear doors are sliding. The engines are equipped with an atmospheric or turbocharged diesel. Turbo engines can be optionally equipped with a hybrid unit. The exterior is very different from the previous model. The muzzle of the second C-max is very similar to the Fiesta. On the side, there are accent strips along the entire length of the doors. A heated, climate-controlled windshield was installed as standard. Optionally installed cruise control, additional airbags and a power sunroof. This car has received good dynamic and aerodynamic performance, despite its size and height of the car
The interior is worth special attention. It is rich enough, the seats are sporty and covered with natural leather. Their color is cream, gray or blue. The driver and front passenger seats have six adjustments. The manufacturers did not want to install a third row, although this car has such an option. But the rear passengers feel very comfortable and the trunk is quite roomy – 580 liters, and if you unfold the rear seats, then the trunk increases to -1690 liters.
Undoubtedly, the Ford C-Max is one of the best models for family travel. The car is economical, powerful and roomy and comfortable, and its price can compete with similar models.