Ford EcoSport Owner's Manuals

The first Ford Ecosport appeared in 2003, its exterior design is fully consistent with the urban crossover. This model has been produced for nine years. This model is designed for Latin American countries. The model was created on the platform of the Fusion hatchback. The engines here are installed simple atmospheric with a capacity of 1.6 and 2.0 liters or turbocharged diesel 1.4 liters. Basic configuration got front-wheel drive and manual transmission with 5 steps. By 2007, the Ecosport has received a restyling. It changed its exterior design with more rounded shapes. In this form it was produced until 2012. During the entire time, more than 700,000 copies were produced.
The second generation appeared already in 2012. It is a compact crossover, which is sold in many countries. The car has changed beyond recognition. Now it has only an automatic transmission. In 2016, a restyled model appears. In the cabin, there is a backlight installed under the torpedo. The cabin is digitized as much as possible. There is a touch screen to control many electronic components of the car including the audio system. The car has received a good security system. The entire cabin provides six airbags, automatic emergency braking in case of head-on collision. Also added driver monitoring function – salon cameras monitor the driver, if he falls asleep at the wheel, the car first alerted about this or starts to automatically stop. With its compact size, the trunk of Ecosport is quite roomy, and if you unfold the rear seats, the luggage compartment becomes quite roomy.