Ford Edge Owner's Manuals

The Edge lineup appeared in 2006. Then created a new car, but on the platform of Mazda CX9 and Lincoln MK. The series was equipped with a single 65-horsepower engine. This model was produced until the next generation in 2010. This car was only for the U.S. market until the new Ford Edge came out. The first model already had several configurations with various add-ons. The most popular and standard -SE, received large 17-inch wheels, automatic headlights, air conditioning. Driver’s seat power and heated front seats, cruise control were added for extra charge. The center console has an on-board computer with a color display and a CD changer.
The updated generation of the 2011 model year has become more modern in terms of exterior. The car has become more “sleek” and stuffed with electronics. The world novelty began to gain popularity and sell well. 5-door crossover deserved attention as a family car – its size is impressive. Comfort was also added: there is a separate climate control, a good audio system with 10 speakers. The steering wheel has acquired multifunctional.
A year later there is a restyled version, which received a well-tuned suspension and a wide range of powertrains. There is an improved two-liter EcoBoost with a service life of 250 thousand km, a 3.5-liter engine with 285 horsepower and 3.7-liter motor. There are touch keys instead of some control buttons in the cabin. The interior gets completely black color, alloy wheels have a choice of colors. A panoramic roof is installed for a fee. For 5 years, the model received no updates, but then there was a dramatic breakthrough of modern technology and the Edge is made again. Six- and seven-speed automatic transmissions are now available, for front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, which work with a hybrid setup. The latest models are no longer just for the U.S. market, but for European countries as well.
Its main competitor is the Kuga\Escape.