Ford Escape Owner's Manuals

The Ford Escape has positioned itself as an SUV since its introduction. Its history began in 1997, and the first car rolled off the assembly line in Kansas in 2000. Mazda engineers were involved in the development of this model. Already in the second generation, by 2005, to the main engine was a nice addition in the form of an electric motor for 65 kilowatts. Its battery was placed under the floor of the trunk.
The first Escape had 2 and 3 liter gasoline engines. The car had front-wheel drive from the factory, but optionally all-wheel drive with a lockable center differential was available. Transmission could be manual or automatic. But automatic transmission was available only on 3-liter engines.
The third generation has completely changed externally and in the interior. There are fewer sharp corners, the angle of all the pillars has changed, which has improved aerodynamics. Now there are packages with leather seats. The third generation Escape (also called Kuga) got a lot of new electronic safety assistants and other useful tricks. Turbines are installed in the engines. There is a new feature – the numbers on the driver’s door. When you buy a car, you are given a special code, with which you can open/close the car without using a key fob.
The last, fourth generation came out in 2019. It is one of the best cars in its class. The newest safety system and incredible set of electronics, reliable motors. A full-fledged hybrid unit has been implemented, which saves fuel decently, which is very much in demand in today’s world. It is also important to completely rework the optics, which properly illuminates the road and does not blind the other participants of the road. All this attracts new buyers, because the price of Ford Escape is a serious competitor among other brands, with a set of features not worse than other similar models.