Ford Expedition Owner's Manuals

A relatively new Ford SUV appeared in 1996. Its platform is based on the F-150 model. The first generation received fairly powerful engines with volumes of 4.6 and 5.4 liters, which run on an automatic transmission with four gears.
The second generation debuted in 2002. The entire design of the car has changed. There are neat plastic skirts. The front bumper was equipped with fog lights. The trunk volume was increased, and the interior was added with comfort by installing air conditioning, multimedia system and electrically operated sunroof.
The third generation began production in 2007. This car is designed for the American market. Again the car has increased in length to 5.25 meters. Now it has a powerful 5.4 liter engine with 310 horsepower as standard equipment. The Expedition has received a third row of seats, but it is optional. The base model received climate control, 4-door elevator, electric drive of the driver’s seat. The center console has a color display, to which is installed an audio system with 10 speakers.
The fourth and latest generation, launched in 2017. The car has completely changed and become modern. It got quality double-deck optics with LED lighting. The interior was equipped with all sorts of assistants for safety and just a comfortable ride on long trips. The seats are made of leather paneling, there is a large touch screen. It is possible to set the voice control of the vehicle. Ford Expedition has excellent technical characteristics, its power allows to tow heavy loads, such as a boat or a house on wheels.