Ford Fiesta Owner's Manuals

The history of the small car begins in 1976. The first generation of the three-door hatchback comes off the assembly line of Ford. This car immediately appealed to Europeans, so the manufacturer opened factories in Germany and Britain. The first three years, the car was sold on the U.S. market, but it did not enjoy much popularity. This model received 3 standard engines of 1 liter, 1.1 and 1.3. By 1981 a more powerful 1.6 motor with 85 horses appeared.
The second generation is a thoroughly revised model. The old engines remained, but the new ones were better and worked with a five-speed manual. This generation was produced until ’89. The third generation has five doors. It received airbags, ABS, power windows. The choice of engines is wide here. In addition to 8-valve engines were added 16-valve gasoline engines, a new diesel engine with or without turbocharger. They were equipped only with a 5-speed manual or variator. The car was produced for eight years. The next generation started in 1995. This car looks quite different from its predecessors. Shapes became more round, there are new optics, and the assembly of this car was produced in South Africa and Brazil. Standard equipment is modest, but there is a power steering economy motor with a 1.25 variator. In ’99 a restyling was made.
In 2002, there was a revolution in the production of Ford cars. The 5th generation Fiesta became a completely different car. This car can be seen on the roads even today. The model was produced in 3 or 5-door versions. The engines received the latest fuel injection technology. A 5-speed with a manual shift was installed as standard, and an optional Durashift robotized one could be installed. By 2004, the manufacturer installs a powerful 2-liter engine, and then the model gets a slight restyling. Also in 2004, a sedan version was produced, but for the African market.
The sixth generation was produced the longest – 11 years. Many people liked this model because of its fuel economy and maneuverability. Both sedan and 5-door hatch were produced. They were equipped with atmospheric engines with a 6-speed robot transmission. The last generation started 017 and is still produced today. This car is very technologically advanced, it has quite a few competitors in its class.