Ford Maverick Owner's Manuals

Ford Maverick appeared in 1969. Its production took place in five countries at once. The first model was produced for 10 years. This car belongs to the compact class, built on a rear-wheel drive platform. In the U.S. for all time 580 thousand cars were produced. In the list of installed engines were: 2.8-liter six-cylinder, 3.3 and 4.0-liter gasoline engines. Also produced Maverick with a 5-liter V8 engine. All generations of this model have significant differences, the next model appeared in 1988, and the sports coupe was replaced by a large SUV.
In 1993, the third generation of SUV for the European market was released. It was equipped with all-wheel drive transmission with the ability to disable the front end. The car was produced in three-door and five-door bodies. In ’96, the Maverick received a restyling. It received round headlights, the engine was injected, and power was increased to 125 hp.
The 4th generation Ford Maverick, also designed for the European market. This model became similar to a more modern car. In America, it was called the Ford Escape. Since 2000, this car became a city crossover. By 2004, it has changed externally after a restyling, adding a little body size. The interior has also changed, getting airbags and power windows. The old 2.0 liter engine was replaced by a new 2.3 liter 150 hp gasoline engine, which works on a five-speed manual gearbox.