Ford Puma Owner's Manuals

In 1997, the production of a front-wheel-drive coupe, built on the platform of the Fiesta, was launched. The car was designed for the European market and was produced so far only in Germany. It is an ordinary city car, it was equipped with 90 horsepower motor. In more expensive models the motor was put on 105 and 123 hp. Transmission is only manual with 5 speeds. Its body was a little longer than the Fiesta’s, it has reinforced suspension springs and powerful stabilizers. This model has established itself as a rally car. Puma participated in various sport competitions. Despite its sport character, the Ford Puma has a fuel consumption of 7.4 liters per hundred. Also here is installed ABS, which works with all the wheels. The interior here is peculiar, with white instrument scales and aluminum inserts on the panels. The seats have good lateral support. And in general the interior has a sporty bias. Driving the car is easy enough, the car itself weighs a little and the power steering helps. Therefore, it is a pleasure to drive the Puma. Already in 2001, the car was completely discontinued, and only in 2019 there is a modern Ford Puma, in which there is nothing left of the past model. Now it is an urban crossover with an expressive design. An interesting innovation is the front seats with a massage function and a deep recess under the trunk floor for 80 liters with a drainage hole. The standard model is equipped with a four-cylinder engine with 125 horses and front-wheel drive. The interior is done in all black color. It is possible to install an electric motor as an addition.