Kia Ceed Owner's Manuals

The Kia Ceed has gone through relatively few generations, but there have been many changes in all parameters. For three generations, there has been a complete revolution in the development of technology and specifically in the automotive industry. The Korean car company has always produced the Ceed model in the form of a handy hatchback. After the release of the first two generations, the company has created an absolutely different model, not similar to the previous ones. The last model, except the standard hatchback, got a station wagon body with more space for transportation. The latest model differs from the old one not only by its new design, but by a completely new platform. It is stronger and has less weight. The exterior has a sporty look that competes with other modern brands.
The interior of the latest Ceed models has become presentable. Compared to its predecessors and cars in this price category, this model has excellent quality soft plastic and wear-resistant fabric. In more expensive configurations leather upholstery will appear. The main console is completely redesigned. The digital dashboard is perfectly positioned for driver comfort. A touchscreen display from 5 to 8 inches is added in the middle. Lots of adjustments and heating have been added for the front seats. The standard package comes with a 1.4-liter engine, finally with a six-speed automatic. With this pairing, the Kia Ceed consumes just 6.5 liters of gasoline in the city.
Despite the fact that this model is considered a budget car, the Korean manufacturers perfectly created a new car with good equipment and able to compete with more serious rivals, such as Toyota. And the fact that the Ceed is a popular model and its maintenance is never a problem, the demand for new models is sure to grow.