Kia Forte/Cerato/K3 Owner's Manuals

Over four generations, the Kia Cerato has changed the design and units from a simple car to a first-class car. Everything has changed: the body, the interior, the platform and the engines. The exterior has a pronounced sporty style, especially emphasizing the individuality of the headlights, which smoothly transition to the top of the front wing.
Due to the increase of all body parameters, the interior is more spacious and comfortable. The interior design attracts attention with completely new equipment. “Kia” always meets high quality standards, while the price of the car can strongly compete with premium models. The plastic is not soft enough as standard, but it already has seven airbags and a number of assistants, including assistance in a possible frontal collision. Front panel in the base is equipped with a large high-quality screen with smartphone support and voice assistant. The dashboard has become fully digitized, and it ergonomically fits into the overall style. There is a height adjustment of the steering wheel. Heated seats can be set for the rear passengers, and they are designed for three people. The trunk here is larger than, for example, in the third Mazda or Toyota of the same year, it can automatically open.
The engines are designed for a quiet and relatively economical drive. Here the manufacturer installs a hybrid system, and the standard motor is designed for 150 horses with the volume of 2 liters. Acceleration for this class of car is well ahead of the competition in numbers – 9.1 seconds to a hundred. With this engine fuel consumption in the city will be up to 9 liters per hundred kilometers.