Kia Picanto Owner's Manuals

The popular compact model for maneuvering in the city bustle overcomes the Kia Picanto hatchback. To date, the car has four generations of the striking car. Each generation has been on the market for a long time, which speaks to the popularity and reliability of the car, for all its simplicity. The model until 2017 was equipped with a 1.2-liter three-cylinder motor with a modest 85 horsepower. In European markets, the factory produced Picanto with a gas installation. This model was available with five or three doors. Transmission was set five-speed manual or automatic for 4 gears.
The next model has a more comfortable interior and stylish design. In this car you can safely drive five people. “Picanto” of the third generation received five airbags and some assistants. It has already installed a turbocharged engine and the ability to connect the cruise control. For even better control, heated seats, heated steering wheel and electric side mirrors are installed for extra charge. The last model is brand new – available since 2022. The subcompact hatch got a good choice of options and a completely new design. Suspension and cabin safety have been improved. The car is very comfortable to drive in the city, but for long distances on the highway the 4-speed automatic will not be enough. But with its technical characteristics, the fuel consumption is up to 6 liters for city mode.
The interior is cozy and of high quality, compared to its predecessors. A touch screen and a multimedia steering wheel have been added. On the dashboard there is a minimum of components for adjustment – everything is in place and nothing distracts. The back row is cramped, but it will fit three people.