Kia Rio Owner's Manuals

For a long time, the Kia Rio did not receive a generational update. Only in 2014 came the restyled third generation model, which was produced until 2017. The fourth generation has changed quite a bit, relative to the forgotten model. The stuffed Rio has the exterior of a luxury sedan. Completely changed the front shape of the bumpers, they appeared wide nostrils and small running lights. Headlights are equipped with optics. Aerodynamic performance is improved, due to smooth transitions between the parts of the body. This model can be compared to the Hyundai Solaris in terms of equipment and quality of interior trim. The Kia Rio has poor noise insulation and not quite soft plastic. The manufacturers have provided six types of equipment. In the standard there are good upgrades, unlike the previous generation: enlarged wheels, on-board computer in the touch screen, air conditioning. The best configuration includes heated steering wheel, rear power windows, parktronic on a circle, synchronization with any smartphones, safety assistants and 6 airbags.
The standard motor is a 1.4 liter 100 horsepower motor, this is the same as in previous generations, but with an improved injection system, which affects the economy of the car as a whole.
In addition to the pretty design, the Kia Rio gets little functionality, but this model is designed for people on a tight budget. Modern technology makes it possible to make the car cheaper so that it doesn’t affect the comfort or safety of the car too much.