Kia Sedona Owner's Manuals

The Kia Sedona is a popular model among American owners, less frequently among European owners. The car has evolved over four generations and has won its recognition with good comfort and technical characteristics. The large minivan can be equipped with three rows of seats for seven people. The model attracts attention with its impressive size and powerful V6 engines with volumes of 2.2 and 3.3 liters combined with 6-speed gearboxes. The exterior is in the style of the signature Kia, it is immediately visible in the front headlights and the typical grille. The last two models received a large panoramic roof, larger wheels and automatic LED optics. The rear doors are still sliding backwards.
The 2020 generation has received quite a few updates, especially for the interior. The exterior has also undergone changes, the headlights and lights have changed in design, but the main headlights have remained unchanged. There is a choice of four configurations, in which there is a choice of all-wheel drive. There is a V6 engine and an eight-speed automatic as standard. The simplest package lacks many of the features offered by competitors, but the top version has a lot to look at, while the cost is relatively low. This model is not considered economical and consumes up to 13 liters of fuel. The interior has a major feature – it’s built-in 8-inch screens on the headrests for the rear passengers. Leather seats with a pleasant beige shade are installed. On the dashboard there is a touch screen with navigation system. Rear seats are equipped with a hamstring support and small soft armrests for even greater comfort. The upscale cabin is equipped with three-zone climate control, and cruise control is provided for the driver. It is possible to synchronize with any modern smartphone.