Kia Seltos Owner's Manuals

Kia Seltos is a fresh Korean model in the form of an urban crossover. Its production began in 2019, so it is the first generation. It has a 1.6 atmospheric or turbocharged motor, and more expensive configurations have a 2-liter. Front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive is installed. The average consumption is 8 liters per one hundred under the control of three different transmissions, which include a conventional automatic, variator and robotized box.
This new model has a wide range of colors for body painting. The roof has a separate color. Seltos has an interesting structure of optics, made in the style of Range Rover. For a compact car the interior is quite spacious, on the level of Kia Sportage. The latest technology is installed here. The basic set has four airbags, simple air conditioning, audio system, heated front seats, cruise control and heated multimedia steering wheel. The most expensive version Prestige has combined seats trimming with leather, full heated windshield, heated rear seats, high-quality navigation, keyless access and front parktronic. You’ll have to pay $40,000 for such a good set, a price that’s competitive with crossovers from other brands.