Kia Soul Owner's Manuals

The Kia Soul is a modern youth car that is in great demand in the European and American market. This tall hatchback was updated to the third generation in 2019. The car has a high roof with a sloping back. The interior is spacious, but the trunk is small. In the second generation, the Soul changes slightly in appearance. For the year of release of this model, even for the standard package, the car received a good set of features: 6 airbags, electronic system of stabilization, conditioner, heated windshield. Given that the car at the time of the first sales cost about $ 30,000, this car is not inferior to many serious competitors in its class. The interior of Kia Soul after 2013, does not stand out special spectacular chips, except for the digital display, but it is better than the previous model, where there is none at all.
But the last generation has become a bright urban crossover that demands attention. The Stilyaga received narrowed optics with a futuristic design, the double coloring remained, the front bumper became more sporty and with a huge grille. Lower lights received fog lights and running lights in the form of two floors. Stylish wheel rims accentuate the style of the car. Soul 3 has a distinctive interior. The equipment is so rich, that one could envy it: from leather seats to safety assistants and reliable suspension. Good noise insulation and excellent heater, quality climate allows you to feel comfortable in any weather.