Kia Sportage Owner's Manuals

The Kia Sportage is based on the Hyundai Tucson SUV. Over four generations, the car has changed in many ways in all its parts, with the technological fifth generation appearing in 2022. The first models had an engine from Mazda with a capacity of 2 liters. After that, the Koreans installed only their own engines. For the latest models, manufacturers are doing everything possible to bring the consumer maximum quality and reliability for a small cost, and to have competition among the leading car brands.
The standard equipment of almost any Sportage is equipped with a full electric package, for additional payment there are always new serious technologies. Starting from the third generation, the Sportage has good quality plastic, a large sunroof, and more and more digital assistants. Besides electronics the car is designed with good aerodynamics, motors up to 150 horses, and more airbags. The fifth-generation Kia Sportage is available with a hybrid setup, and this is the third time this car has dramatically changed its exterior and interior design. It has again increased in size, changed the optics, and transformed the interior. The interior of the 21st century may surprise no one, but the digital displays and multimedia have 25 inches in total size. Most of the keys are touch-sensitive, so controlling Sportage became more comfortable. The main competitor of the model will be Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav4.