Kia Stinger Owner's Manuals

Kia has developed a sports sedan and in 2011 the first concept car was presented. The public immediately fell in love with the Kia Concept GT. The production model comes out in 2017. The look of the Stinger has not only a beautiful sporty appearance, its shape gives the quality of aerodynamics, noise reduction and the most comfortable handling. The front is immediately recognizable thanks to the grille and headlights, they also resemble a sports coupe. The length of the body is 4.8 meters, so the spaciousness is provided more than 100%.
The interior of the Kia Stinger does not have any special features. The central console is slightly turned towards the driver, so that he was comfortable at high speed. The steering wheel has a trimmed rim, there are buttons on the spokes. The difference of the model is the paddles for manual gearshift, and the gearbox has 8 gears. The dashboard is fully digitized, it has a high quality picture on a 7-inch screen. The most expensive configuration is equipped with all-wheel drive, 370 horsepower engine with a capacity of 3.3 liters, running on Euro-5 gasoline. Acceleration up to a hundred occurs for 5,2 seconds. Therefore the model completely deserves a sports title, but the car can be used for daily trips without the slightest discomfort.