Lincoln Mkz Owner's Manuals

The MKZ Hybrid is a full-size sedan with an executive-class hybrid powertrain. The Lincoln brand is a leader in creating cars that meet the F+ classification.
The MKZ Hybrid is powered by a 2-liter inline four-stroke gasoline engine. It is combined with an asynchronous electric motor with permanent magnets, which has a capacity of 118 “horses”. This pair is complemented by a continuously variable transmission, as well as a lithium-ion battery. The total capacity of the system reaches 188 horses.
For the car used the Ford Fusion platform. The front part of the third generation reminds Jaguar XJ. This design is particularly relevant and popular among buyers.
The trunk volume is quite compact and is 315 liters due to the location of the battery. The capacity of the fuel tank is 66 liters.
The base models are equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels, keyless access, the option to fold the side mirrors, rain sensors, and the door handle illumination function. As part of the package, the manufacturer offers an advanced adaptive main lighting system and LED warning lights at the stern of the car.
To change gears, all you have to do is touch the buttons on the front console. Such a solution allowed to make the interior more ergonomic and comfortable.
Thanks to the comfortable seats with heating and memory options, the long drive will be a pleasant ride. The seats are equipped with a side support function. Quality perforated leather is used for the trim. A button on the key allows you to activate the light and sound signals. Now finding a car in the parking lot at night will not be a problem.