Lincoln Town Car Owner's Manuals

Town Car is a full-size luxury sedan with six seats. The car was produced with rear-wheel drive. Earlier it was called a limousine with a closed passenger compartment and an open driver’s seat.
The Lincoln Town Car is based on the Panther mobile platform. It is one of the latest full-size sedans from American manufacturers.
The car is recognizable externally thanks to its smooth and restrained body lines. The chrome trim surrounds the car. The same frame is made for the license plate on the stern.
The car is distinguished by a simply gigantic interior, which provides comfort to the driver and passengers. The car feels confident on the road, perfectly amenable to control and moves smoothly in spite of its rather impressive size and weight. This result is provided by independent front and pneumatic rear suspension. The car is equipped with standard disc brakes with ABS.
Under the hood is a V-shaped power unit with eight cylinders, which produces 205 or 220 “horses”, depending on the variant. The working volume of the engine is 4.6 liters. The engine is combined with a 4-speed automatic transmission.
In the interior, all elements emphasize solidity and luxury. The front panel, doors and seats are made of natural materials. The instrument panel flows smoothly into the central unit of the multimedia system and comfort control buttons in the car. The car has a lot of places for small things. The updated model has added a glove compartment in the armrest.