Mazda 5 Owner's Manuals

Since 2005, the Mazda 5 model car seats seven people, and it’s doing quite well with it. In the future, it will undergo a complete redesign inspired by natural, natural hues and ambience.
Essentially, the car has flowing lines along the side. The styling is divisive, but Mazda’s reputation as a ‘family vehicle’, also present in models such as the 6 and 3, is a plus.
While the manufacturer claims it’s rated for seven people, putting someone in the middle seat of the second row is not recommended and is best left for small children, making it more of a 6 + 1 than a full seven-seater. Don’t let that throw you off, however. The clever folding seats make the cabin incredibly functional and practical, and the build quality and reliability are familiar from Mazda.
Engine options are limited to three – the 1.8-litre 113bhp petrol engine was eliminated during the car’s life cycle, and in the end only the 2.0-litre petrol and 1.6-litre diesel remain in the range. The former has 148bhp to accelerate to 62mph in 11 seconds, while the latter means CO2 emissions of just 138g/km and a claimed average fuel economy of 54.3 miles per gallon. Not too bad for a seven-seat passenger van.