Mazda CX-50 Owner's Manuals

Very soon true car enthusiasts will be able to rejoice in the new superior model from the company Mazda Cx-50 2022. This crossover is best suited for family trips to the countryside, for example, for a picnic. Even in the basic configuration, its owners will be available all-wheel drive and a whole list of useful “chips”. In addition to everything described above, the driver is free to choose the type of driving at the expense of Mi-Drive (we have already seen this in the Mazda CX-5), depending on the type of coverage.
The wide bonnet invitingly exposes a voluminous radiator grille, which can make it appear as if the car is scowling menacingly. Such feeling is formed due to the fact that the same grille merges with the headlights. The developers decided not to disclose technical specifications, leaving them in secret, but motorists assume that the car will be able to squeeze out from 190 to 230 “horses” with the help of an atmospheric engine, and, of course, six-speed automatic transmission. No doubt, the CX-50 will also be available to Mazda’s admirers in the form of a hybrid soon.
The main markets for Mazda CX-50 will be the U.S. and Canada, but the development of this vehicle began in Alabama.