Mini Clubman Owner's Manuals

BMW is still producing the subcompact car MINI. Its design is very interesting and there are no similar models anywhere else, perhaps only fakes. The production of the Clubman model takes place in the UK, for this country and the car is designed. The main idea for the Clubman is its increased length of the body on the basis of Cooper model. The car is awarded with hinged rear doors and a straight roof painted separately from the main body, which makes the car look a bit more fun.
The current models began to appear in 2015, but they have little difference with the previous generation externally. It is the same five-door hatchback, but very similar to the station wagon. Some of the most recent configurations got a 300 horsepower sports motor with an eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. Various technologies for even greater comfort and safety are incorporated into the new cars.
The models after 2015 have good interior equipment. The basic package includes leather seats, adaptive interior lighting, dual climate control, automatic parking, and a rain sensor. Such a package will appeal to everyone, but the price of Clubman can scare: from $25,000 will cost the simplest model Mini Clubman, but the quality corresponds to the stated price, with a small popularity of the car.