Mini Hardtop Owner's Manuals

The popular Mini has released its latest model called the Hardtop. It is an excellent small car, which has no middle pillars between the rear of the body and the front doors. This model is also available in coupe and convertible bodies. The car looks modern and stylish, a new interior with easy to operate features. This generation has a high predicted reliability rating.
In addition to the advantages there are disadvantages. Competitive brands in the basic set has a larger set of useful features, in addition Hardtop quite a small car, especially it is noticeable by the size of the trunk and rear seats, some other brands are more economical fuel consumption.
Compared to the previous model, this one has the option to install a manual transmission. For tuning the exterior of the Mini gets a list of options, the interior does not need modernization, but for a surcharge are installed factory “chips”. The most important novelty in the cabin is a fully digital dashboard. Otherwise, there are few changes, it is the same Mini with its original approach to the execution of interior design. The quality of materials is high, but in the cabin is not enough quality noise insulation. Automatic emergency brake and parking assistance are introduced as standard for safety. The torpedo will now have a touchscreen display and the ability to connect an iPhone through the Apple CarPlay system. Unfortunately, the engine installed in the Mini Hardtop with its three cylinders, consumes almost 8 liters of fuel in the city mode. But the dynamics are not bad – the Hardtop accelerates to a hundred in 6.2 seconds.