Nissan GT-R Owner's Manuals

This model belongs to the class of sports cars. It is available with a 2-door coupe body type.
The appearance of the new models is chic and looks expensive. At the front there is a hood with relief forms. The bumper with the grille is huge. The optics is chic. On the side there are huge wheel arches, which add aggressiveness to the car. The inside is a very serious change. The interior is made of leather, unlike the previous models. The seats are equipped with electric adjustments. A huge tachometer is on the dashboard. In the middle there is a big screen of multimedia and navigation system. The cabin is equipped with a set of comfort systems, including dual-zone climate control, rear view camera, premium audio system, adaptive lighting. The automobile is propelled by an atmospheric engine of 3.8 liters capacity, which is able to generate as much as 570 horsepower. Dynamic performance is simply chic, up to 100 km. / hour the car accelerates in 2.7 seconds. The motor works with an automatic transmission with six speeds, the speed between shifts 0.1 seconds. The price starts with the decent sum of 123,201 thousand dollars (in a base complete set). It competes with the following models from other manufacturers: Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin DB9, Ferrari Italia, Dodge Viper.