RAM 3500 Owner's Manuals

The third pick-up from our list, namely the RAM 3500 literally impresses you with its appearance. Even if you happen to glance at it in the street, and not deliberately come for it in the showroom – it will remain in your memory for a long time. The exterior of the car shines with modern details of the body. The radiator grille, typical of this company, is handsome at the front, with the name prominently placed in the centre. Large wheel arches, a slightly elongated profile, fog lamps and a structured bumper all come with an exterior sheen as well. The vehicle’s interior can’t fail to delight with its high quality trim materials, massive front fascia, and, of course, a console with incredibly necessary functionality on the road.
What has changed in this model since its launch until today? For example, in 2021, customers of the Dodge RAM will have the opportunity to move the mirror on the front seat to the monitor position. This way, the driver will be able to see the image from the camera that is located aft. He (the driver) obviously can not do without it, if he is transporting bulky cargo with the body. An important, almost main function of the pickup is towing. It can “haul” up to 10,432 kg. Who are its main competitors? Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD and Ford F-450 Super Duty. But you know what the snag is? They lose out to the RAM 3500 2021 in numbers, which once again makes you think twice about buying one.